This is Me

Hi! I’m Vanessa and I write contemporary romance and all things YA. I have a short story published in Short Fuse’s Hot Holiday Reads anthology that just came out called BLAME THE MISTLETOE. Please go check it out if you love, love, love steamy romance plus all proceeds go to charity! My short stories have also been published in Pilcrow and Dagger and featured on Avon Romance online.

Among my many other talents are mother-of-two-extraordinaire, amateur photography (mostly my children), anything crafty, hardcore Pinterest Mommy, Starbucks addict, and reading.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope you enjoy some romantic humor and all-around feel good stuff that warms the heart.

Vanessa Rodriguez_Writer Headshot


20 Responses to This is Me

  1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will def be following yours and having a good old read through what I have missed so far. I would be interested in your “What are you writing (Sunday post up)” if you could let me know where to send the required excerpt to.

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  2. oh my gosh, you are just gorgeous!! can’t wait to read your future posts.

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  3. K. Okeh says:

    So I stumbled upon this blog from the Ninth Life and what I have to say is Good Work. I love romance and this blog is everything I was looking for.

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  4. Creatopath says:

    Gorgeous photo Vanessa. I love your blog and really enjoy reading your flash fiction. I’d like to know more about your writing so I have nominated you for the Blog Tour Award where you answer four questions about writing. Here’s the post if you would like pack your suitcase and join the tour!

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  5. Kirsty says:

    Hi Vanessa! 🙂 I really enjoy your blog and I hope you accept both these awards, if not no problem 🙂 and keep up the amazing work you do on here. Heres where you can find out what to do next! Kirsty x

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  8. themofman says:

    Vanessa, thanks for taking a look at Modes of Flight a while back.

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  9. Robin Vansal says:

    Hello Miss Vanessa! How are you? Thanks for your words. I appreciate them.
    My eyes are sparkling like those Manga characters looking at your set of awards! You are a pro blogger. Thanks again! Following you.

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  12. simpledimple says:

    Great blog with great stories. Will return to read some more posts. Cheers! 🙂

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