Don’t you want A PIZZA MY HEART ?


Hello WordPress World!

What has been going on over here? So I took a hiatus from blogging to finish a R&R. For those who aren’t familiar, this is a revise and resubmit. Back in 2015 I finished the original draft of my YA dragon fantasy and queried it in 2016, but despite interest and several requests, I didn’t find an agent to love it. I did find some interest in publishers and was given the opportunity to revise it. From April to October of 2016 I sat on it, not really sure how to fix it, rewriting the opening several times, and working on another project. But by November I figured it out and through the stress of the holidays I managed to finish it a week ago, along with a new query, synopsis, and oh what fun, a map!

So now back to the now! Now, now….who got that reference 😉 I’ll be working on moreBROKEN BOY_cover1 frequent posts over the week, along with starting back up with Broken Boy my lovely project on Wattpad. You can catch up with that series if you want to check it out. And while all of that is going on I’ll be doing research and plotting out my newest project which I hope to finish in time for Pitch Wars 2017! Exciting stuff.

I didn’t do a blog post on this, but I recently had a short story, LOVE PIZZA NO. 9, published in an Pizza-thology. Yep you read right! An entire book of short stories dedicated to pizza! Yum! I mean who doesn’t like pizza??? My particular story is about a girl in love with a boy (as all good stories should start 😛 ) with the help of a guy friend, finds a magical pizza recipe that will help her nab the guy of her dreams. Unexpected romance and realizations ensue. This released back in February and we had an awesome pre-order! We hit #3 in the best sellers of short story collections for teens right next to JK Rowlings! So please check that out! You will surely have a pizza my heart. 😉


What have you been up to? Feel free to share the good or bad of what I’ve missed the past few months!


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2 Responses to Don’t you want A PIZZA MY HEART ?

  1. Laura Emery says:

    I loved a Pizza My Heart! Very fun stories, and I particularly like yours. ❤

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