Have You Been Keeping Up?

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The last month has seriously been a whirlwind. Between summer break, vacations, birthday parties and commitments, and writing deadlines, I can’t keep up. But among all that I have some great things to share.

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First, I’ve been working on this amazing collaborative project on Wattpad, for those of you that have checked out Broken Boy, here’s the link to the book and the latest chapter. The original book that I’m writing a spin off from has over 6 million views and a large Broken Boy Ch3_teaserfollowing. And with only 7 chapters published so far on my end, I’ve received over 4000 views and ranked 144 in ChickLit. I’ve really enjoyed adding to this project so far – so much fun! If you like sexy romance (we keep it on the cleaner side) with some wild characters and scandalous plots, you need to read these. Wattpad is free and so are adding books to your libraries. It’s also a great platform for writers to share their work!

Broken Boy Ch7_teaserMy next big news which will probably add to my sporadic updates here, is after querying my YA dragon fantasy and participating in a couple of pitch parties online, I’ve received a hefty R&R. It’s with a great publisher so I couldn’t be more excited. But it’s going to require some work. So if you wanna keep up-to-date with me or chat, you’ll usually find me on Twitter. I respond to comments here as well, but my posts will be infrequent. And I’m always answering questions on Wattpad, just remember to tag me.

I miss sharing with my WordPress community, so I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. Feel free to comment below and tell me your good news. I love to cheer lead!

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