Vote for my Snow White inspired Short Story!

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Hey WordPress Friends!

I recently joined the wonderful world of Wattpad and have really enjoyed my experience so far with a huge new project collaboration and my other stories. But going on right now is a short story contest sponsored by Target with the chance to make the top 25 for consideration into a published anthology! How exciting is that?!

I need your help, because every vote counts. If you hop over to my Wattpad page and vote for my first chapter (because that’s the one that counts) of MY PRINCE NEXT DOOR AND SEVEN REASON WHY NOT, I’d really appreciate the love and support.

Here’s what my story’s about:

Snow White thought she had it tough living with seven dwarves, but for Gwen Diaz, she’d take that any day. In a family with seven brothers who’ll scare off any potential Prince Charmings in a hundred mile radius, Gwen may never get a chance at love—or a first kiss, for that matter. That is, until Hot Neighbor Boy moves in, and Gwen’s best friend makes it her summer mission to help Gwen get her prince. Even if it requires distracting Gwen’s seven unduly protective brothers and out-sassing Hot Neighbor Boy’s Evil Ex-girlfriend. MY PRINCE NEXT DOOR AND SEVEN REASONS WHY NOT is a modern day short story romance inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

If you love this story just click the star in the top right corner to vote on Wattpad. And if you really, really love it you can follow me or add my stories to your Library! There’s so much great talent on there and I’ve connected with some wonderful authors.

Thanks in advance!




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5 Responses to Vote for my Snow White inspired Short Story!

  1. I, too, wrote a Snow White inspired short story so of course I had to lend my support 🙂 Never signed up for Wattpad before, but it was pretty simple to do through Facebook. Good luck! i read a few paragraphs, and I liked what I saw so I bookmarked it for later!

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  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Hey voted and joined. What an interesting place 🙂 I’m going to have to check it out more. Thanks for introducing me to Wattpad.

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