Status Update!

status updateI haven’t posted any of my flash fiction in awhile because there’s some pretty awesome writer-ly things going on in my court. If you’ve seen my previous posts you’ll know I took part in #Ficfest as a New Adult mentor. Well that’s not over yet. My mentee is deep into edits, we’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth, and getting it ready for the agent round in July. I’ll be all over that the next month, and boy, am I excited for the finished product. It’s gonna be sweet!

One of my YA short stories was chosen for a YA Pizzathology…yep you read that right – a pizza-themed anthology! Some delicious fun 😉 That will be out some time in November.

The huge project I’m working on next I’ll give you just a couple of details, some of the bigger fun is still to come. Come check out The Cheaters Club series created by the wonderfully talented Rebecca Sky on Wattpad. Behind the scenes we’ve got some secrets, fun and big things ahead that I’m gushing to spill, but I think you’re going to have to join the Club first 😉 So head on over to Wattpad, follow us on Twitter and get all the juicy details. That’s it for now. You can check out some of my Wattpad stories I’ve been working on and check back for more updates!

What are you up to?





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