#DVPit: Writers Wanted – Marginalized Voices

DVpit post

So I’ve been putting off this post because I wanted to spend a little time on it. On April 19th, Beth Phelan of The Bent Agency will be hosting a new Twitter pitching event to showcase pitches about and especially by marginalized voices. At the end of this post I’ll leave another link for the full contest breakdown and rules in addition to the one above and of course, the amazing list of agents who will be attending.

As a marginalized voice myself this is a great opportunity. (I’m half Filipino with a Latin last name – growing up I can’t even tell you how many times teachers sat Spanish-speaking new students next to me because they assumed I spoke Spanish. Or even trying to find your identity and stay true to your culture when you go to a school where you’re the only Pinoy for miles….we’ll save that story for my next book.) DVpit twitter1But seriously, if you’re a writer with a completed, unpublished manuscript with a diverse story to tell then you should definitely ready your pitches for this one. And even if your story isn’t diverse but you’re a marginalized voice, then yes Twitter pitch that bad boy!

I hesitated participating because I thought the reader would have to stretch their imagination a little too much to see the diversity in my fantasy world. I didn’t want the issues to be gender-based (my female protagonist wields a bow and is disliked for her legacy not because she’s a ‘girl’ – I’m a huge fan of female badass-ery) or based on race (my cast is diverse – you can check out my Pinterest inspiration board – I always joke DVpit twitter2that if this was ever a movie I’d want to see the diversity spread to the big screen, lol…don’t lie you know you’ve imagined some A-list actor for your MC (also as an actor, diversity in casting, whew, that’s a whole other post). I wanted the issues to be there but less obvious, since it’s fantasy it’s immersed in oppressing magic and the division of magical vs non-magical. There’s other awesomeness too, like fast-paced action, riding dragons, and kissing….it’s young adult so there must be kissing. Did I mention there’s kissing? (Disclaimer: I like writing about kissing.)

Now you’ve got one week to get your pitches ready. Do eet! You know I will.

#DVPit  – official link to Beth Phelan’s website and all the rules. Don’t forget if you’re not an agent or publisher, don’t ‘like’ or ‘RT.’


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