Sweet and Humorous Stories to Melt the Heart


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To finish off Valentine’s Day, I’m re-releasing two of my short story romances. Both are for all ages. Check out the excerpts below and if you want to continue reading, the links will follow. Also if you haven’t entered my giveaway, check out this link. One of two books could be yours!

We find love in the most mysterious ways. Enjoy!

WINTER, SNOW AND ICE (Young Adult romance) Excerpt:

….I didn’t think I could spend another day cooped up in the house with Mom either as she flounced from room to room in a thin lace-trimmed nightgown, a lipstick marked coffee mug in one hand. For the love of all things holy put on some clothes. It’s January. Even as a child—man, could she embarrass me, and still did—I could remember how Mom’s carefree way about her sexuality made people uncomfortable. My friends thought she was cool while boys in my class would tell me how hot she was, like it was a compliment or something. It made me want to melt into the shadows. I won’t even go into how other parents reacted.

I once asked her how she came up with Rayne and Winter as our names—big mistake. I will never ask my mother anything that revolves around her eccentric choices. Like… continue reading

THE RULES OF VALENTINE’S DAY (Adult romance) Excerpt:

I hated Valentine’s Day. And I wasn’t saying that because I was single…okay, maybe a small part of me was indifferent to the holiday, but only the part that wanted to throw up every time it saw a Zales jewelry commercial. Bitter. That’s me. Party of one. I mean, seriously it was the most perfect proposal ever with some ridiculously gorgeous man asking the woman to marry him—hell, I’d only met him for fifteen seconds and I’d say yes. And the worst part of it all was I cried. Every. Time. And then I was pissed because it was like they knew I was alone. Just rubbed it in. Then, to add insult to injury they aired a Match.com commercial like it was supposed to help. It didn’t.

But this year….continue reading



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  1. lorigreer says:

    Beautiful stories.

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