Happy Valentine’s Day: Many things to celebrate…


photo credit: Pixabay

This has been a full weekend of many things to look forward to. Today marks my one year of blogging with Romance Done Write. A few days ago I released a giveaway in celebration, if you haven’t entered, there’s still time. Check out this link and follow the directions. There may be a special twist on the prizes, so please take a look.

As far as all wonderful things that make up Valentine’s Day. I’m totally obsessed with


photo credit: Pixabay

Downton Abbey (if you are too, please comment below, I’d love to hear about it, just no spoilers please, I’m about two episodes behind). Well going along with that obsession, my husband bought me a set of five teacups and saucers, the fancy bone china kind so I may further continue my obsession. Can’t wait to use them! Also today my daughter had a swim meet and despite the cranky tears that started off the morning, she did wonderful on her events. She swam her first 50 yard event and forgot to turn around. What fun…and I have it recorded on my phone to prove it. 😉

One more thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I’m re-releasing the two romantic stories I published last year around this time. I’ll be posting later today with links and excerpts….so stay tuned!!!

Much love to my WordPress Family. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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