One Word Photo Challenge: Attic


Photo credit: Vanessa Rodriguez

This week’s prompt I found a bit challenging without taking the word literally. Attic. I don’t think we have an attic in our house and the crawl space below can barely fit a grown man. So the picture I chose I feel is reminiscent of the ambiance you get from a space that we often keep treasures and the stories of our life. This rocking horse and bench doesn’t belong to us, it’s actually a friend’s home, but I love the warmth this picture brings.

What does Attic inspire in you? Join in the photo challenge!


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4 Responses to One Word Photo Challenge: Attic

  1. kutukamus says:

    I don’t have one either. Yet I always think it was something hectic. 🙂

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  3. So adorable. Love the shadows. Thanks for sharing.

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