One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture

Aperture_Frankie2yrShootThis weeks prompt was Aperture. The whole reason I bought a portrait lens. I love shots with soft backgrounds – I can shoot at a lot of random places and you wouldn’t know this was a field surrounded by houses. Even the tall, wild grasses in the foreground make it feel like you’re there. Trying to take pictures of a toddler, the last thing I want to worry about is the telephone pole that snuck into by back drop 🙂

Join in the photo challenge above. One of my favorite ones every week!

In case you missed last week: ANT


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10 Responses to One Word Photo Challenge: Aperture

  1. Such a lovely photo! 😍❤

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  2. Tiegan says:

    Very cute and also displaying a lot of photographic skill. Nice job!


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  3. kerlund74 says:

    Awesome focus and great captured, so beautiful:)

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  5. Oh my goodness. Adorable and such a beautiful shot.

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