#Pitmad is Tomorrow! September 10th 8am-8pm EDT

via pixabay

via pixabay

Hey fellow writers! Do you have a polished, unpublished manuscript? Are you looking for an agent or publisher? If you don’t know about the Twitter Pitch Party, #Pitmad here’s a couple of links that provide some great info:

  1. Check out Brenda Drake’s site: About #Pitmad – rules and regulations.
  2.  Just for fun here’s a Twitter pitch generator. I had a blast with it.
  3. This made me laugh, but people will do it anyway. What not to do.
  4. One of many ways to craft a pitch.

These are all great blogs! So if you have a chance hit follow, sign-up for their email list or follow them on Twitter.

Now are you ready? Can you pitch your manuscript in 140 characters and include all the required hashtags? Feel free to post your pitch in the comments or if you have other great advice on crafting a pitch go ahead and post it below!

Hope to see you out there tomorrow, I’ll be retweeting! My handle is @Married2ARod don’t forget to retweet if you’re on the feed 🙂


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