#FlashFictionFriday – Vol. 29: TEACH ME LOVE

Photo credit: Louise @ the storyteller's abode

Photo credit: Louise @ the storyteller’s abode

It’s week twenty-nine of the flash fiction challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, check out their blog and join in or read others’ posts and be inspired.

I back to my regular blogging, trying to catch up in fact. I love this weeks photo prompt, old and beautiful. There’s actually an old steam engine like this one twenty-five minutes north of my house that you can do dinners and rides throughout the year. They use it a lot in historical movies that need old trains…since I live so close to Hollywood, lol. Anyway, here’s what it inspired….

Read mine below and feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

TEACH ME LOVE (154 words)

From the train’s dining car window, Nicolette watched the broad landscape whip past her—greens, blues, and yellows. Somewhere on the other end of this train track, her new life awaited.

“May I join you?”

She looked up into the dark eyes of a young man, a smile creeping across his lips. Her cheeks flushed—her grandmother told her to speak to no one.

“There aren’t any other seats,” he said.

“Of course.” Despite Nicolette’s shyness, the man struck up a conversation, chatting away the miles ahead of them. Night fell, the dining cart emptied, and the train slowed. Now she wished the train ride would never end, but she’d acquired a teaching position in Weldonville, her new home.

The man frowned. “My stop is the next one.”

Sadly, Nicolette nodded and walked away.

“Wait,” he called, stopping her. “I travel to Weldonville for work. I teach. Perhaps we’ll meet again.”

She smiled. “Perhaps.”

Can’t wait to read more flash fiction? Check out my collection here.


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7 Responses to #FlashFictionFriday – Vol. 29: TEACH ME LOVE

  1. Mystery in this story. She is going to teach in Weldonville and he teaches in Weldonville. I do believe they will meet again! I also think she might have fallen in love just a little bit. lol I loved the mysteriousness in this piece and that last line is brilliant! Great story Vanessa and thank you for participating in FFfAW Challenge!

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  2. This does bring back memories. I had just such a meeting in real life one year traveling by train from New York to California. Unfortunately, the girl was too shy to speak and her grandfather accompanied her, the basis for my story on FFfAW. Very well done!

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  3. luckyjc007 says:

    Wonderful story! Nice surprise that he works in Weldonville. I see possibilities here, and I believe they do too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Truly lovely tale of loves first blush! Loved it!

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