Upcoming Writing Contest and Writing for Diversity

Check out SC Write's upcoming writing contest.

Check out SC Write’s upcoming writing contest.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it into Pitch Wars, but the show must go on, right? I plan to let my YA dragon fantasy rest and wait for mentor feedback before I dive into revisions. I also have revisions with a co-author on our YA contemporary thriller for resubmission to a publisher. And after a weekend of binge-reading romance, I have an itch to write some of my own…maybe an Adult Sci-fi Romance?

So onto the point of this post: If you have a diverse manuscript ready for submission/query here’s a contest for you! The industry is quite lacking in portraying diverse characters correctly and in general. Help take a step forward in bringing more diversity to publishing. Check out Write Inclusively. A contest for unapologetically diverse novels and the submission window opens September 4th. For more details and submission guidelines check out the link.

And if you’re thinking of writing diverse characters, find out the right way to do it. So many great posts from Writing with Color. Coming from a mixed background myself, I still strive to get it right.

Do you have suggestions for writing diverse characters? Or links for more posts? Please share. 🙂

And per my newest goal I’m looking to show-off some great bloggers who’ve followed me recently. Check them out!!!

Devyn Pearle – What a lovely homepage. Check out this blog for tips on makeup and bras 😉

Jen Acide by Bibliophile – Lover of books? Check out Jen’s site filled with well-written book reviews.


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2 Responses to Upcoming Writing Contest and Writing for Diversity

  1. Totally agree, though we have made leaps and bounds we are still far away from writing diverse characters well and fully! Even women still get portrayed as fully 2D, especially in sci-fi/fantasy. That’s why I love Robin Hobb so much!

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