7x7x7x7 Writing Challenge

via pixabay

via pixabay

Kathleen, my fellow author and CP has challenged me! In this challenge you go to your seventh page of your WIP, go down seven lines and post the next seven lines and tag seven authors to do the same. I tagged mine on Twitter: 

Since I haven’t started anything new yet after the insanity of prepping for Pitch Wars, I’ll post from the YA dragon fantasy I subbed. Check it out!


Genre: YA Fantasy


Two rows of pointed teeth and hooked fangs indicate a Class-B Stoker—which means no electromagnetic capabilities. Ryu reaches the dragon’s clawed feet, and I hurl my body into the air knocking him several feet across the arena floor. We tumble over each other. Fire licks at my boots, and flames singe the ground black where we once stood. Without a second’s hesitation I roll over my shoulder and keep my eyes trained on the Stoker.

The dragon’s yellow eyes flicker to me, clouds of black smoke seep from its nostrils and the corners of its mouth.

And if you haven’t been challenged, join in and tag seven authors to do the same!



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  1. Congrats on your WIP!

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