#FlashFictionFriday – Vol. 26: THE YOUNG SLAYER

Photo credit: Sonya

Photo credit: Sonya

I was so busy with Pitch Wars I missed week 26 of the flash fiction challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Artists, check out their blog and join in or read others’ posts and be inspired.

Here’s mine inspired by my young adult fantasy about dragons. This is a preview into young Kaliyah’s training before she entered the dragon slayers’ school. The tower reminded me of what Senex might’ve looked like.

Read mine below and feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy!

THE YOUNG SLAYER (155 words)

My fingers twitch at the anchor point on my chin, my bow drawn. Dust and smoke saturate the air—Senex, a great city has fallen. I freeze. The low guttural purr of a dragon infiltrates my ears. I step through the fallen debris careful not to disturb the silence. And then instinct takes a hold. I drop to the ground and roll, flames flicker over the ground where I once stood. The monstrous fire beast’s head darts around the tower and bellows, its screech sending my hairs on end. Golden irises flicker to me, and I dodge another bout of dragon fire. Then I draw my bow and take aim.

“Fire!” Twenty arrows fly over my head, taking the dragon down.

I whip around and my father smiles at me. “How do you expect me to become a dragon slayer if you command the soldiers to kill it for me?”

“Next time, do it faster.”

Can’t wait to read more flash fiction? Check out my collection here.


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2 Responses to #FlashFictionFriday – Vol. 26: THE YOUNG SLAYER

  1. HumaAq says:

    Incredible story, i was enthusiastic to read till the end. Practicing slaying a dragon, wow how dreamy lol

    Liked by 1 person

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