What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 24)

The Malcor Dunes, home of the Terran dragons. via Pixabay

The Malcor Dunes, home of the Terran dragons.
via Pixabay

Time for the Sunday Fiction Post-up! Come share your current work-in-progress here. Still chugging away at my dragon novel. I managed to write a little during my vacation which is a bonus! What about you?

I invite you to post your title, genre/sub-genre and about 100-150 words starting on the second paragraph of page 50. I know I have a few non-writers, so you may also post an excerpt from your current blog post-in-progress. No need for critique, just a little writer love.

Here’s mine :

“You seem to think you don’t have the privilege of following Akademie rules.” His words come out soft, the sound of his voice slithers out and wraps its sliminess around me. My skin crawls. “Like your father when he was your age. We were recruits together and everyone thought he could do no wrong. It seems the situation hasn’t changed and it trickles down to his spawn.”

“Don’t talk about him like that. He’s a far better—”

“Silence!” Keres’ voice echoes down the corridor. My stomach lurches and I clench my teeth together to keep the emotions bubbling in the back of my throat from erupting. Satisfied with my compliance he continues, “As long as I am one of Kepler’s commanders you will adhere to the strict rules of the Drákon Akademie or pay for your incompetence. Despite the ideas your father has implanted into your head, you are to refrain from any dragon contact other than during field exercises—that includes Stoker attacks.”

Have a great Sunday! And Write on!


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7 Responses to What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 24)

  1. tlclark says:

    such a fun idea… I am (fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong) about to pub my first novel.. a fantasy/paranormal romance (I have trouble deciding between fantasy and paranormal, publisher said she may be able to bile it in both genres).. title will be Shocking Finds: a Finder’s Keepers novel (thank you Stephen King for using my title first :P)
    Anton shook his head, as he said, “Grit your teeth Kennith.” Marin’s back snapped erect, his words causing dread to run along her spine.
    Lowering his voice to a mere breath of sound, Anton informed her, “Kyland is implying that your mother is our Queen, and Kyland is now bound to your side. No going back and no future separation, Princess. Also, someone close to you has been blocking your powers since an early age.”
    Marin could handle this. She would stay calm. Deep breath in, deep breath out. She heard what he was saying and what he wasn’t. Marin understood what Anton was implying but he was wrong. They were all wrong, and she would remaining freaking calm.
    “You are being hunted. So far … by an unknown motorist and a group of Gremlins.” Anton just wouldn’t stop. She needed a minute. It was all … just … too … “You now have a new house mate and the crazy has just started.” … Much …
    Well, damn. There went the biggest power serge yet.

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    • married2arod says:

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I do this every sunday. And you should check out my author spotlight page if you’re book release date is soon.

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      • tlclark says:

        hey… my publisher is planning a blog tour… if you are interested, or know anyone that would want to be one of the stops, just let me know… or contact Mary at gonewritingpublishing@gmail.com … with the subject ‘blog tour’ … I could also use some sage advice here… this will be my first, have no idea what will happen… lol … but I’m excited…


      • married2arod says:

        I don’t usually contact publishers to be on a blog tour, but if you’re publishing a book soon I do offer an author spotlight which includes an interview and links to your book. If that’s something you’re interested in you may contact me through the form on that page or have your publisher do so. 🙂

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      • tlclark says:

        cool… I will be sure to do that 😛 happy wordage

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  2. Oh geeza…I want to keep reading! Great progress on your story! You are almost done! Super congrats!
    “Defender of the Realms” Paranormal Romance

    He rushed to her side, catching her in her fall, not allowing her head to smack against the hard stone floor. At that moment, as they touched, Pheobe unaware, their union became sealed. In all of his three decades, his breath for the very first time, caught fully in her plummet, and a silent, unconscious promise of forever forged.

    The second time he could not breathe was when she appeared in the churchyard. A fragment of unease lodged and threatened to choke him as he stood there. It took an internal force to hold him still. Unfamiliar with the invading surge roaring through Devlin’s veins at the mere sight of his intended. An unknown emotion gripped him. He wanted nothing more than to escape.

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