What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 18)

Time for the Sunday Fiction Post-up! Come share your current work-in-progress here. I’m in the dragon zone over here at Romance Done Write at 14k. I have a steep daily goal of 1100 words a day, cross your fingers I can keep it up! It’s definitely a challenge. Here’s what’s going on.

public domain via pixabay

public domain via pixabay

I invite you to post your title, genre/sub-genre and about 100-150 words starting on the second paragraph on p. 8. I know I have a few non-writers, so you may also post an excerpt from your current blog post-in-progress. No need for critique, just a little writer love.

Here’s mine :

The dragon’s yellow eyes flicker to me, clouds of black smoke seep from its nostrils and the corners of its mouth. I’d caught the Stoker off guard when I tackled Ryu, but this time I won’t be able to dodge the flames. I don’t have time to reach for an arrow, and I don’t have time to run. That leaves me with one option, but I have to get closer. I take a step forward with my gaze locked on its yellow eyes. The scaled beast doesn’t move except for its double-lidded blink.

Closer. Blink. Another step. Blink.

I’m so close the smell of charred roolwood makes my eyes water, the acidic fumes burning the insides of my nose. From the normal size of the Stoker’s pupils I know it won’t attack…yet. I close my eyes for a moment, pooling courage into the center of my belly for what I’m about to do. My heart races as I will my hands to stop shaking. Then I open my eyes, lunge forward and slide my hand along the shaft of the arrow until it plunges into the dragon’s chest.

Have a great Sunday! And Write on!


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11 Responses to What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 18)

  1. Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over is spicy romantic fiction. It just came out this week and is available at Amazon.com. Here’s a peek at page 8. And…thanks so much for the opportunity to share!!

    “So,” she laughed lightly. “Should we share our resumes? Our curriculum vitae?” You still sound like Minnie Mouse on speed. Chill the hell out!

    “If you like,” he laughed as well. “I’ve been covering wars, murder, and mayhem ever since 9/11. I figured it was time to look on the lighter side of life.”

    “Wow. Ok. Well, I’m most recently from Akron. I was an anchor on the wake up show there. You know, Akron. The Bundt cake capital of the world,” she laughed . “I started out as a reporter in Austin, then Anaheim, then Asheville, then Akron. And until now, I was completely unaware that every city I’ve ever worked in began with A.”

    Their drinks arrived, her wine and, she noticed, his Scotch. She wondered if she should be worried. After all it was two o’clock in the afternoon. Instead, she asked , “Do you have any idea where we’re going?”

    “Nope. Charlie was perfectly vague about that. The people at the ticket counter didn’t tell me anything. Apparently, he’s going to call us,” Luke answered. He sipped his Scotch . “How did you get this job anyhow?”

    “I applied after seeing an ad in a trade. You?” she wondered.

    “Same,” he replied, swirling his glass absently.

    Spocks, Pandora (2015-06-07). Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over (Kindle Locations 59-65). . Kindle Edition.

    Spocks, Pandora (2015-06-07). Luke & Bella: Two Streets Over (Kindle Locations 53-59). . Kindle Edition.

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  2. Chris White says:

    Well, I’ve just started work on a new private detective (enquiry agent) who works in and around west London. I already have a literary agent who’s interested so I’d better write something.
    The first line is … Acton in the rain has its good points, but face down in the gutter with a split lip and a sore head isn’t one of them.

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  3. This is an exciting one! And more about dragons. I love dragons. I can’t believe you’re doing 1100 words a day. That sounds grueling. Good luck with it! 🙂

    Here’s a bit from Dark City. My gritty contemporary novel, for those of you who are new.

    Scarlett sits at the bar, the slender stem of a martini glass in her hand. She’s been sitting there for an hour now, drinking and watching the room. Long enough for alcohol to soften the hard edges of the world. Long enough for dark bruises to show beneath the bracelet sparkling on her wrist.

    She likes to watch the people, to guess who’s in love, who’s in lust. To observe the nuance of each smile, brushes of fingertips on arms, the distance between dancers. But tonight she’s not watching them. She’s watching Jude move in and out of the shadows, plying his trade with grace and a charming smile.

    It’s only fair. He often watches her, when he thinks she’s not looking—but she’s always looking. It’s not hard to sense his gaze; eyes lingering like a hot caress, lust and tender longing, wrapped together in a way she doesn’t understand. Like they could belong intimately to each other.

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  4. Hi my beloved writer team! Great excerpts! … You know it, “Defender of the Realms,” a Paranormal Romance-

    “Auld man?” Devlin started with a growl, but the stranger was absent. Haunted caws of wicked crows and the ostentatious songs of meadowlarks were the only sounds surrounding him in the expanse.

    The amulet fully embedded itself into his palm. And with a shake of disgust, Devlin tore the bauble from his calloused flesh, stuffing the miniature into his pack. Fresh blood, hot and sticky, seeped in its vacated space
    The irritated flesh on his palm continued to burn and fester. For several weeks to come, the scalded imprint remained, and Devlin’s torment intensified. The distraction became severe enough he could no longer pay the infection no heed. With an unvoiced howl, he begrudgingly placed the shiny string around his corded neck to begin his untimely journey.

    To the land of Angles.

    Instantly, his hand began to heal.

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  5. Janice Wald says:

    Here’s mine:
    Do you ever procrastinate?

    According to Psychology Today, 20% of all people suffer from chronic procrastination.

    Much is written about Writer’s Block, and how writers can attempt to deal with it. However, not much has been written about procrastination.

    This is the reason guest author Pam Newberry’s article is so interesting. She personalizes procrastination as she discusses this barrier to her writing, yet we can all take a page from her book as she describes her attempts to cope with a struggle many of us have faced–how to stop procrastinating.


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