Link Back Monday

On my slower days of the week, I like to go through my feed and catch up on a few blog posts I’ve missed or surf the blog-o-sphere and read a few new ones. Here’s mine for the day. Take a look and enjoy something new. Not only are there some great reads/blogs here, but a few opportunities to increase your traffic, if that’s a blog goal for you 🙂

Happy Monday!!!! – Visit Jean on some starter advice on self-publishing. – If you haven’t done so already there’s a meet and greet going on. I found some lovely bloggers, I know you will too! – Writing my first fantasy novel is more daunting than I thought, so here’s a great question list for world building. – oh here’s another sort of blog party, a great way to meet new bloggers and create a little traffic at the beginning of the week. – and one just for fun. Pirate Words of the Day! Arrrrr! who doesn’t love pirates 🙂


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2 Responses to Link Back Monday

  1. Thanks for the link back!

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  2. Janice Wald says:

    I appreciate the pingback too! Sorry I missed Fiction Sunday! I really appreciate this exposure. Thank you!

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