Just Stop Falling in Love Already!

I’ve been following New Leaf’s Literary & Media’s Blog lately where writers can send questions to be answered. Great blog writer’s should be following, even if you’re seasoned, there’s some insightful knowledge in the ever changing industry.

So this particular question really got to me because I write romance and constantly have to validate to critiquers why romance runs so rampant in my Young Adult writing, even it’s fantasy or sci-fi. And this post clarifies why romance is such a successful genre. Especially in YA.

People do a lot of crazy things in the name of love….now go read their blog post!

Do you agree?


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5 Responses to Just Stop Falling in Love Already!

  1. HumaAq says:

    I liked your response. Human interactions and their stories are what makes a life, and gives a life..! Btw I love romance too, I read romance, watch romance, although I have never written it..still learning!

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  2. Love is what makes us look forward in life, I don’t understand why you have to validate it. I think it of those innate truths that everyone knows about and wants to experience.

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  3. I like to read romance, all great novels have romance and you listed them in your response. Romance is part of life it is all around us. Every author that I have read in this blogging world writes great stuff and they all think they should write something better. Maybe they have the better stuff inside that is waiting to come out, maybe that is why they feel that way.
    I like your writing that is why I follow you.

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