Link Back Tuesday

I was a little too busy last week to do this, so I thought I’d share today since I’m sorta in a blogging frenzy among other things. Like I should be working on quarterly taxes, reading critiques or focusing on my dragon novel. But here I am, blog post in hand.

Recommended blogs public domain via pixabay

Recommended blogs
public domain via pixabay

1. I think this is a nice list of easy ways to handle increasing blog traffic. I like easy to follow lists especially since I always have small children making a ruckus in my house so my attention span isn’t any better than theirs lol check out Suzie 81 Speaks

2. This is a guest post, but I’m really intrigued by fan fiction and one day I’ll get around to writing it. Also check out some of the other posts on Natacha Guyot’s blog.

3. This blog is new for me. Last week was my first participation. I’m a little obsessed with photo challenges and I’ve added this one to my weekly photo posts. Check Jennifer Nichole Wells photography blog and join in.

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5 Responses to Link Back Tuesday

  1. Thank you for mentioning Rose’s post! 🙂

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  2. Glad you’ve joined the One Word Photo Challenge and that you’re enjoying it!!!

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