Call for Authors

Any authors publishing in June? I’m looking for traditionally and non-traditionally published authors, all genres who are releasing their novella or novel in June. If you’ve missed my past author spotlights, check out the format and requirements (no cost) here.

I’m looking to make this part of a bi-monthly (possibly more) blog post. I’d love to have you and what better way to promote your work, especially if you’re planning a blog tour.

Feel free to reblog or pass the information along if you know someone.

Write On!


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11 Responses to Call for Authors

  1. Yecheilyah says:

    Reblogged this on Pearls Before Swine and commented:
    ATTN authors! Are you publishing a book in June? Take advantage of this promotional opportunity!

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  2. Lovely idea! I wish I could jump on this great offer but I will probably release in July. Just in case you do this again, do you accept short story collections too? 🙂

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    • married2arod says:

      Yes as long you’re publishing in some way that readers could purchase/download your work. Is it an anthology? When in July are you releasing? I have two authors lined up in July but I may be able to squeeze you.


      • It isn’t an anthology but a collection, because I wrote all the short stories. There are all related to follow a main arc (different narrators/angles) and are Fantasy. I hope to publish early-mid July but I don’t have the date yet (as it depends on my editor and cover designer). I hope to have a blog tour set until into August, so if you had a slot in August, it would be fabulous too. 🙂

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      • married2arod says:

        Ok sounds great. I’ll put you on my list. And as soon as you have a confirmed release date. Use the contact form on the author spotlight page and we’ll work it out.

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      • Thank you very much! I’ll be in touch mid to late June with the confirmed date. 🙂

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      • Hi! I am changing my schedule of release so you can remove me from your list for now. I’ll normally publish in September but don’t have a firm date yet, I will get back to you as soon as I have it. 🙂

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      • married2arod says:

        No worries. Just keep me updated and I’ll move you to September for now. Thanks for letting me know.

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