Introduce Yourself & Share A Common Misconception About Yourself

Now this was a fun blog share, I urge bloggers to join in the fun. Not only did I get to meet a few new bloggers and introduce myself, but I learned some really fun facts too 🙂
What a great way to kick off the weekend. Blog party!

Hidden Behind Shadow Games

I’m openly inviting people to introduce themselves on this blog posts comments.

Id like you to include a link to your blog as well as also telling us something that people commonly get wrong about you.

Any sharing on this post on social media would be very much appreciated and will in turn help your own site as well.

Hope to hear all about you !


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One Response to Introduce Yourself & Share A Common Misconception About Yourself

  1. There are so many things people assume about me that is incorrect.
    They assume being deaf I couldn’t dance, That since I got my CI (Cochlear Implants) I can hear like normal people. It’s good but not like normal people hear. being a rape survivor they assume I hate men. They assume because I’m a stripper that I’m a slut. That since I’m white complexion I can’t be native American.To many things to list them all.

    Anyway: Michelle at (That’s me..) Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

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