PencilPALS: Giving Back

This is my second year participating in PencilPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools). Each new school year we’re assigned a student from a 5th grade class that participates in the program and we write back and forth. We pick a book to read together and talk about in future letters, things we’ve been up to and details about ourselves. Before the school year ends, they invite us to a pizza party so we can meet them face to face. I had so much fun and my PencilPAL was so sweet. I gave her a signed copy of a middle grade fiction book by Stephanie Burgis. The class played the bells for us and sang a song. I’ll also continue writing her back over the summer.

Me and my PencilPAL

Me and my PencilPAL

I’ve also participated in BookPALS where I’d go to elementary schools that participate in the program and read to them once a week for 30 minutes. (Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until both of my kids are in school before I can participate in this program again.)bookpal

Can’t wait til the new school year….and this school year hasn’t even ended yet 🙂

If you’d like to donate or check out more details on these programs, click here.


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