Do you need a little push to finish writing that book?

Hmmm….this sounds interesting. I’m always looking for some type of motivation to finish my current work-in-progress. I’ll have to bow out to this one since I’m gearing up to finish something for Pitch Wars. But writers check this out, might be just what you need to finish that book!

jean's writing

How about $2000.00?

And a book contract?

Is your WIP still languishing half-finished in a drawer or file?English: W.I.P.

Maybe this contest is just the incentive you need to finish that book and get a publishing deal.

The Write Life sent out information about a no fee, contest called Publish or Perish.

Deadline August 15, 2015.

So this summer, finish that manuscript and polish it till that thing shines like a brand new penny. Then put together a killer marketing plan and head over to Publish or Perish and enter their latest contest.

Sounds so exciting right?

Do you know of another contest?

If so share the info in the comments section and let’s get writing.

I love comments, tell me what’s happening with you and if you’re not already, please follow @jeancogdell on Twitter or jean.cogdell on Facebook!

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