Just 4 months old, tire flies photo credit: Vanessa Rodriguez

Just 4 months old, time flies! photo credit: Vanessa Rodriguez

This week’s photo prompt for The Daily Post’s photo challenge was: Enveloped. So what does this mean to me? I piggy-backed off some of the prompt’s suggestions and chose a picture I took when I first bought my DSLR (kit lens, still grasping focal points). I’m no expert now, still strictly amateur.

But here it is: My youngest “enveloped” in a blanket.

Enjoy! And come join the fun 🙂


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14 Responses to ENVELOPED

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  2. Fabulous interpretation! And, oh that expression…so adorable!

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  4. HumaAq says:

    Aww how adorable

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  5. She is absolutely adorable!

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  6. the kid id soo cute . oh my god give me ! 😀

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  9. asnappshot says:

    Now that’s a great pic!!!

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