Share your blogs below!!

Yay! Here’s to another blog party this weekend! share your link and meet some new bloggers 🙂


My last sharing post was a big success, I found many great blogs and many of you got great traffic from it! So it’s time for another one! Please post your blog address below so we can visit you and check out the others too, you might find some great ones and make some new friends too!

Please reblog this so your followers can come and add theirs too! Looking forward to seeing you!


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4 Responses to Share your blogs below!!

  1. Hi there!
    My blog is new and is about creative writing writing. Its not your normal I’ll tell you how you should do something blog. I like to add blurbs of my own writing to my posts for a more personal touch. Come check it out!

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  2. Hi Rebecca

    My blog is about my journey as a new writer and the obstacles that I face and hopefully overcome. I also blog reviews about books I have just read or listened to.

    I had taken a short break from blogging recently due to a new addition to the family but I will hopefully be back at it now.

    My blog is called The Unnamed Blog of the Fantasy Genre and you can find it at




  3. Argh just realise I posted this in the wrong place! D’oh


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