Hurricane Frankie Photo credit: Vanessa Rodriguez

Hurricane Frankie
Photo credit: Vanessa Rodriguez

I know I’m a little late this week, life has been chaotic, but I’m here! This week’s photo prompt for The Daily Post’s photo challenge was: Forces of Nature. For us to capture a photo that shows the power of nature in our corner of the world. Now I decided to make a little twist on this prompt, mostly because I can’t take enough pictures of my children, but also these miniature human beings are truly forces of nature packed into pint-sized packages.

My youngest daughter’s godparents bought her one of those little water lagoons to play with and finally having a warm day I put the thing together (which was no easy feat) and let them splash in it. Hurricane season has nothing on this little girl. I love the anticipation of falling water on their faces and the freeze frame of water and droplets flying everywhere. What are your thoughts?


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12 Responses to FORCES OF NATURE

  1. I can hear their laughter, looking at that pic!

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  2. Levysoro says:

    Beautiful, Frankie the menace!

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  3. Geniewtdbh says:

    LOL Frankie looks totally stoked to throw that water!!!

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