Authors, Writers, & Indie Publishers!

I love this! Writers what an amazing opportunity you don’t want to miss. Makes me wish I wasn’t deep in the trenches of finishing my own book. OM, I guess you’ll just end up with an email from me when my time comes. 😉
Most of us authors (probably can’t speak for everyone) have a blog to promote our work, especially upcoming novels, and to help us inspire new readers.
So to add on to this promotion I’d like to offer the opportunity to have you, the author, and your book spotlighted on a bi-monthly, or possibly weekly (I haven’t decide how many of these I can handle) Behind the Scenes series I’m starting. May is full, I might be able to squeeze one more in, but I’m looking to fill posts in June.
You don’t have to be traditionally published (authors of all levels and self-pubbed are welcome) but you must have the following:
1. Author Headshot (need not be professional)
2. Book Cover
3. Bio
4. Be willing to answer a short questionnaire
5. Have a hard release date of your book.
Contact me if you’re interested.


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