What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 12)

Time for the Sunday Fiction Post-up! Come share your current work-in-progress here. I’ve really been pushing myself on this novella and hope to finish it with only 8K left to go. Woo-hoo! Can I do it in a week? Guess you’ll find out next week 😀

Couples in love. Public domain via Pixabay

Couples in love.
Public domain via Pixabay

I invite you to post your title, genre/sub-genre and the second half of page 19 of your current work-in-progress. So a good 100-150 words. No need for critique, just a little writer love.

Here’s mine:

“Yeah, we had a drink,” DJ said. Autumn started to correct him that she had a drink, but the way Kristie’s jaw clenched, Autumn knew nothing she said could erase the tension brewing. If Kristie hadn’t changed since they were in high school, their friendship had just gone from non-existent to watch-your-back.

Kristie slinked around them and sidled up next to DJ, slipping her hand into his. Autumn noticed DJ didn’t react to Kristie’s clear marking of her territory and let his hand dangle open where her fingers gripped.

“So it was good seeing you,” Kristie cooed. She tugged at DJ as she back pedaled away from them. “We should get together before you leave, you know, just us girls.”

When they were out of earshot Val scowled and said, “I thought her head was going to explode. So awkward.”

Have a great Sunday! And Write on!


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10 Responses to What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 12)

  1. Great excerpt! Can’t wait to read the whole novella!…
    “Defender of the Realms” – Paranormal Romance

    After all, Pheobe’s friends were off limits. It mattered not how attractive they might be, the brothers fervently decided. Unfortunately it was he, Gerick, who learned this most painful lesson and the incident something he never wanted repeated again. The band of brothers, after that most unfortunate situation, made an oath to never seduce one inside Pheobe’s inner circle, ever again, if they cared to walk or sire children in the future.
    His cough ruined the young ladies good humor.
    “Oh, Master Gerick.” Gena tried to quickly recover from her fit of laughter, smoothing out her skirts and skewed hair.
    The look Pheobe leveled on the two spoke volumes of sheer dismay. She didn’t miss for a second the coquet glances the couple exchanged. Gena’s cheeks tinged with pink and Gerick stared boldly at her with lowered lashes.
    “I suggest, brother Gerick you will not forget?” The tone Pheobe spoke issued a question and a threat. Her wild violet glare finished anything else needing to be said.
    “Yes, my dearest sister, I shall not be forgetting.” He assured her. Gerick became uncomfortable and shifted in pained memory. The recollection of Pheobe’s expert kick to his groin resurfaced.
    “Father would see you.” His voice trilled an octave higher.

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    • married2arod says:

      He-he it’s usually the brothers that are opposed to their friends dating their sister. But I love how Pheobe is jealous 🙂


      • I cannot believe more bloggers are not jumping on this! Such a great idea, also I find it so funny how you don’t find mistakes until you hit POST. Jimminy, I’ve changed so much in those 200 words, hah! 🙂 Thank you! So where do you see your novella headed? How many words total?

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      • married2arod says:

        Things I written and combed through several times I still find mistakes! It’s hard to see it when it’s your own stuff, isn’t it?
        It’s a stand alone at 28k written specifically for the Entangled Bliss line, I’d like to do it as a 4 book novella series. If they reject it, then I’ll probably edit to to be a full length MS and then query it traditionally. That’s the plan anyway. I’m trying to push through it so I can finish my dragon YA novel for PitchWars.

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      • So awesome! Great job! I’ve done a short, short story and a couple other short story entries for contests. I’m afraid at this moment to even look at what I wrote! LOL!

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  2. This is really good Vanessa!

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