Pingback Mondays

This is just a silly title for a post that makes me giggle. 🙂 Blogging traffic has always been slow for me on Mondays so I thought I’d do a blog share of a couple of blogs I’ve come across today that made me stop and read. Check them out! They may or may not follow me but that’s not the point. When a post is good…it just is.

1. (sorry in advance A Momma’s View if you get an onslaught of comments, I know how religion can rile people up)

2. (I thought this was a good read about book censorship in our schools. I write stuff that’s too light-hearted I doubt anyone will challenge me, but if you like YA also check out her other posts)

3. (I’m no longer single but this is a short but sweet list of dating advice that stretches a little beyond reminds us self-love is just as important as loving someone else)

4. (this guy is hilarious…you must have a sense of humor to read it 🙂

5. (and here’s a little blogger love. Share your stuff!)


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4 Responses to Pingback Mondays

  1. You should set up URLs for links 2-5.


  2. Thanks! I enjoyed these.

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