Splish Splash Malibu, CA

Splish Splash
Malibu, CA

This week’s photography challenge for The Daily Post was the word MOTION. Anything that possesses movement and capturing a photo that makes you “feel” that movement although it stands still.

So my main photo above was taken in Malibu, CA at this small public beach nestled between several private beaches. I can’t recall the name of it but it doesn’t even have an address. One afternoon we decided to try it out and the best part is it’s pretty secluded. Like our own private beach. (scroll down for two more of my favorite shots)

My mother and two daughters spent a couple of hours enjoying the sun while I played around with my camera. I’d only bought my first DSLR seven months prior so my experience with ISO and shutter speed were far more limited than they are now (although I still consider myself much a novice). What I loved most about these pictures were the action, especially the last one where you couldn’t tell if she was jumping up or coming down.

My oldest daughter loved it! She ran, splashed and got wet and I tried my best to capture the candid shots. I hope you too can feel the salt and spray of the ocean on your skin.

_DSC0098 _DSC0103


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10 Responses to MOTION

  1. I LOVE these. Great work!

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  2. The one with your daughter running…awesome writing prompt. I can taste the salt in the air. Excellent.

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  3. Lovely photos and such an adorable little girl.

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  4. Wonderful submissions for this challenge, Vanessa. Love to see children at play!

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