What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 9)

This is what I imagine the moon on Gliese to look like. Public domain via Pixabay

This is what I imagine the moon on Gliese to look like.
Public domain via Pixabay

Time for the Sunday Fiction Post-up! Come share your current work-in-progress here. The excerpt I’ve chosen for this week is from a YA sci-fi novel with strong romantic elements. I’ve worked on this piece off and on. But since it’s up for critique in my writing group, I thought I’d share 🙂

I invite you to post your title, genre/sub-genre and your first paragraph on p. 85 (give or take 2 or paragraphs if they’re short). No need for critique, just a little writer love.

Here’s mine:

Concern burned in his blue eyes leaving a warm sensation in the pit of my stomach, unlike his brother’s steely stare that managed to leave me undone in unfamiliar ways. I closed my eyes and swallowed the lump in my throat. When I opened them, my thoughts seemed to spill out of my mouth.

“I can’t believe it. There’re these little unexplained details of my life that I had ignored or my uncle had swept under the rug and they’re real. Like beyond logic real. And it makes sense. Or I want it to. Then there’s this painting that has been the answer in plain sight this whole time and I…I… It’s maddening and wonderful all at the same time.”

Garren nodded. I didn’t know if those details in human life were any different in his world, but by the way he watched me I knew he understood.

“But do you know the really weird part? I keep thinking you look nothing like an alien.”

Have a great Sunday! And Write on!


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13 Responses to What are you Writing? (Sunday Fiction Post-up: Vol. 9)

  1. Nice last line! I also like the contrast between the two brothers. It’s setting something up, I can tell.

    This is from Dark City, as usual, since it’s all I’m working on.

    The house is dark, shadows drifting as half drawn curtains shift silently in the slight breeze from the door I’ve propped open. Down the hall, an open door lets irregular bursts of pale light fall into the hallway. Moving slowly, each step deliberate, each foot perfectly placed, I make my way towards it.

    When I reach it, I draw my gun and peer around the side.

    A man sits on a sofa, facing me, the TV glow flickering over him. A shotgun rests in his lap. “I knew you’d come for me,” he says, slowly raising it.

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  2. married2arod says:

    Thanks! And boy can I pick spots in books that are exciting! What a great segment from your WIP. That’s a great last line too.

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  3. Loved your snippet! I’m a little embarrassed I am always so excited to share mine!

    Paranormal Romance, “Defender of the Realms”

    Pheobe wished to stop crying. She could not. The mix of toxic emotion swirling through her was undeniable. It was overwhelming and all consuming. The earlier butterflies that fluttered through her stomach at Devlin’s embrace now turned into a knifing, twisted pain, so unbelievably intense she thought she might vomit.
    Pheobe managed to pull herself upright to sit and readjust her rumpled clothing. She tried to regain her composure.
    “Why do you hide by the river, sister dear?”
    Startled, Pheobe jumped at the deep voice.
    Lucas suddenly appeared out of the tangle of foliage and sat down next to his sister.
    “Do not, Pheobe – do not cry. Prithee, you have been through much.”
    Pheobe could not manage to face her brother. She turned away from him so he could not see her, despair stole across her features. Once Lucas seated himself next to her, her tears did not stop but continued to grow in force. He put his arm around his little sister and pulled her closer to his side.

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