My oldest daughter twirling in the Ancient Roman country house.

The lily pad pond in the Gardens.

The lily pad pond in the Gardens.

This week’s word prompt is Afloat. On my fourth week of The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, I’ve found I look forward to Fridays and sharing something that isn’t wholly writing or romance centered.

This shot was from a trip to the Getty Villas in Malibu, CA. A free museum (you do have to pay for parking) will beautiful views of the ocean and wonderful art. We saw a mummy and their gorgeous gardens among other things.

So I couldn’t really decide which picture to settle on so I chose two. The first of my daughter makes me think how carefree being a child is, to be afloat on the air of no inhibition and the lack of responsibility. The other of the lily pad is more literal of just a lily pad afloat the water.

Join in, it’s fun!


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10 Responses to AFLOAT

  1. I love both of these, one literal and one figurative!

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  3. Your children are adorable. Lovely photos!

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  4. Good Woman says:

    Sweet picture of your daughter. I am reminded of all of the girls in Easter dresses at church last week. They all seemed so happy to be dressed in their finest and “afloat” certainly describes what I saw.

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  6. Geniewtdbh says:

    Oh to be so carefree again! Cute pics!

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