World Backup Day: BACK IT UP!

Hey good idea! Practical jokes may be the least of your problems.


Today is World Backup Day 2015. Save your work in progress before you lose it to an April Fool’s virus! Here are some simple suggestions. Originally published January 2014.

By Marianne Knowles

strawberry croppedNew Year’s resolutions often involve promises to do things that we know are for our own good, but which have no immediate consequences if we ignore them. We know we should have salad rather than pizza, or fruit instead of chocolate. (Or should we have salad with pizza, and chocolate-dipped fruit for dessert?) But the consequences of questionable food choices take months to be obvious, so it’s easy to slide.

As writers or digital illustrators, the consequences of not backing up our works-in-progress are even less obvious—until they are suddenly, heart-stoppingly impossible to ignore. I don’t have statistics on how many of us writers back up, how often we back up, or even if we back up. I…

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