Do You Want to Help Me Write a Story?

(sing that to the tune of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”)

Write With Me public domain - pixabay

Write With Me
public domain – pixabay

Mondays always feel slow to me when it comes to blog traffic. It could be just me but I figure everyone is tired after a long weekend and is trying to get back into the groove of school and work.

So I feel like having a little fun and sprucing up Monday. Let’s write a story together. I’ll start and in the comments below you add one sentence (just one and not a run-on that looks like a paragraph, lol) from where I left off or the last comment. And depending on how long it takes to get enough sentences to make a story, I’ll post the complete story and link to your blog as a contributor.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out or how many bloggers will join in. This could very well be a one paragraph story, but what else are you doing with your Monday?


“Looks like someone has the case of the Mondays,” Mason said.

Devlin groaned inwardly as she took a seat in her cubicle. If she could pinpoint the person who came up with that phrase, she’d sock’em – like Mondays weren’t bad enough.

***There you have it. Don’t be swayed by the contemporary feel I gave the beginning of the story. This is where we as writers can weave the established characters into whatever genre we like. We can make it a contemporary sci-fi with thriller and romantic elements (if that even exists). Feel free to share this post. Now who’s next?


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5 Responses to Do You Want to Help Me Write a Story?

  1. Actually, she reflected, warming up to the idea, she wouldn’t sock’em – to really get her point across, it should be a very vivid gesture. Instead, she’d print “bad case of the Mondays” on 500,000 post-its and stick them all over that person’s office, on all surfaces.

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  2. She was flipping through a stack of fresh Post-It notes in their trademark yellow pallor, wondering if it would be better to draw something obscene, when Leo walked in, all feline grace and tumbleweed hair, as he stalked by her cubicle.

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  3. mscassiopeia says:

    Devlin peeked her head above her cubicle, moving her head from left to right, looking for Leo, “If he’s not on his desk, this prank would be insane for him”, she sniggering to herself.

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