It’s a Blog Party! – Wild Whimsical Wednesday

public domain through pixabay

public domain through pixabay

Yep, not a ‘block’ party….’cuz that would be weird.

I did this last month, and since I was still gaining my blog legs I only received a few posts. But I know with my growing list of followers every day, you can’t wait to share a link to your blog…yep, right down there in the comments section (a few lines of what your blog’s about is helpful to other readers).

No strings attached. Although I urge you to take a peek at what your fellow bloggers are up to and make some new friends. Party on! ….or blog on?


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15 Responses to It’s a Blog Party! – Wild Whimsical Wednesday

  1. garym6059 says:

    I blog almost daily on the joys of being a single father, the frustration of exes, and whatever else is going on in my mind including daughters KGB sleeper agent hamster

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  2. Hey! I’m almost never invited to parties, so this is exciting! Don’t let that deter you from reading my blog, I’m cool. Promise.
    Anyway, here’s the blog. I talk about writing, mostly to share resources I’ve found, sometimes to talk about various writing principles. It’s like English class without the boring. Check me out!

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  3. S.E.A. says:

    I try to blog about writing but other stuff comes up, most notably, teaching. Check it out at if you are interested.

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  4. K. Okeh says:

    Love opportunities like this! Any way i blog mostly about blogging i.e how to get more page views(funny cos i’m really short on em these days). Check it out at

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  5. Thank-you so much for hosting the party! I am a digital artist and photographer, my blog features my work and the thoughts behind the images. The first year of posts focus on my artwork and stories of the Dreamworld. I am looking forward to visiting everyone’s blogs!

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  6. I love a good blog party! Here is a link to my blog:
    My tagline is “A realistic approach to an optimistic life”, and I write about a bit of everything. Hopefully there is a bit of realism, a healthy dose of optimism, and splashes of motivation and encouragement. Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to checking out the other links!

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  7. Geniewtdbh says:

    I love a good party. Is this BYOB because I totally brought some to the computer with me LOL
    My blog is
    I blog about nails, nail polish, and make up mostly, with random other happenings from my life thrown in for good measure…

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