Dating 101: The Maggot Test

This is only a test (public domain - pixabay)

This is only a test
(public domain – pixabay)

Does anyone remember the movie A Bronx Tale? Ok if you do, do you recall the scene where Sonny explains to “C” about the Door Test? If not, let me refresh. Sonny tells “C” that he has to lock the doors to his car and open the passenger door first for his date. That way she has to lean across the front seat and unlock his door.

(Note: In today’s world of keyless entry and unlocking mechanisms this test can no longer be done. But in the days of manual locks with the little metal pin you had to pull up, it works.)

Ok so then Sonny tells the kid that if she doesn’t lean over to pull the pin then she’s a selfish broad and that all you’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg and to dump her. And if she does unlock the door then she could be one of the great ones.

Based on that story my husband has the “Maggot Test.” When we were first dating he was upstairs getting ready for our date and said to help myself to whatever. So I opened his pantry, riffled around and found a box of granola bars. I was half way through eating my bar when my husband (well not yet) comes downstairs and asks where I found those. I’m like in your cupboard. He’s like I didn’t know I had those. Well, you’d think that I would have figured that was odd and maybe they were buried in that pantry for years. So he grabs one and starts eating it and I pause and look down at my bar and what do I see? Yes, prepare to cringe because there was a maggot crawling around inside my granola bar! I almost scream and manage to show him. We both run to the sink and start spitting the granola bar into the garbage disposal and rinsing out our mouth. After that ordeal we look at each other and start laughing. And that is the Maggot Test.

Did I run away? Never call again? Get pissed off? No. And that’s why I’m a keeper.

You have any odd dating tests?


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2 Responses to Dating 101: The Maggot Test

  1. garym6059 says:

    Oh wow, sounds like it was meant to be for you two 🙂

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