Public Domain on Pixabay

Public Domain on Pixabay

Okay that’s not really a word. But ‘professionalism’ is kind of a boring word.

This is for all my fellow writers as a reminder or for those who may be unaware how important correct manuscript formatting is. It may not directly get you the agent, but formatting like a professional will make you stand out and make you look less green, especially if you’re unpublished. So many writers don’t do this and what if this is the one thing that makes an agent or editor have a sliver of doubt about taking you to the next level. Never give them a reason to tell you no.

A fellow writer (you can check out her blog) sent me a link by Jen Malone on Writers’ Rumpus about correct manuscript formatting. I’ve done research in the past and here a few of the basics I knew:

1. 12pt Times New Roman font

2. A title page

3. Left justified

4. Inserting page breaks after each chapter

5. No double space after periods

6. And Name of the book, last name, and page number in the header

Click on the above article and there’s some great notes on what version to save your MS, and how to format for indents which I didn’t know. Now I’ll have to go back and work on this. So write on and profession-ate!


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