You Need to be a Word Killer

Public Domain through pixabay.

Public Domain through pixabay.

This is something every writer needs to be. It’s painful and will most likely break your heart, but it must be done. EDIT. After the months, years, sleepless nights, blood and pieces of your soul which have been splashed across the pages of your finished manuscript, you must go back and strike unneeded words.

In one of my online critique groups a fellow writer recommended a post with a list of words to take out of a manuscript. Check out Kelley Harvey’s post here.

Some of my pet peeves also include the over use of -ing words and -ly adverbs. I don’t think you should get rid of them completely, but when there’s a more beautiful way of writing a sentence, why not do it?

I used to overuse the word ‘as’ but now I’ve taken a liking to the word ‘that’ and my writing critique partner hates it. Lol. What are some of your writing pet peeves? Or what are some words you overuse?


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12 Responses to You Need to be a Word Killer

  1. I intentionally write with the slang of how I actually talk and it annoys me how much I say like! I want to edit them out but then LIKE my voice wouldn’t be authentic!

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  2. HAD is my ugly word of choice… 🙂

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  3. Kill your darlings! Love the wonderful words! Thanks for sharing. If you’re ever interested in some other awesome book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!!!

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  4. It’s hard because there are so few writing rules that are absolute. It’s really useful to look critically at word choice, but a lot of people say ‘never use this word’ when if you use it effectively and sparingly, it can really work. It drives me crazy when some critique partners just do a search for all words that have ‘ly’ in them and criticize you for it. Better to take each sentence as it comes and see what works for it and what doesn’t.

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    • married2arod says:

      I agree. They say don’t use -ly words and sometimes they’re necessary. You can’t get rid of all of them. I think if it serves its purpose well and you’re not using it to over describe something, it’s fine.

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  5. I’m totally an abuser of “and” and “as” in my fiction! 😔

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