Stay Ready, Be Ready – You never know when you’ll get your break

I love this! It’s so true because you never know when opportunity will come a knocking.

A picture I took at the Aquarium in Long Beach.

A picture I took at the Aquarium in Long Beach.

And when your chance comes you want to be ready, and the only way to be ready is to stay ready. This idea comes from a friend of min. His philosophy is that anyone in their current profession, that’s good at it, has been studying and working and preparing for years to do what they do so well. Pro athletes don’t just sit back when they’ve been drafted, they keep working hard because they don’t know when they’ll be called to go in the game or score that winning touchdown. If they’ve slacked, they could lose the game for the w

hole team. Doctors spend years in school studying and practicing and interning. They never know if they’ll be accepted into one of the best hospitals or be called to take part in a groundbreaking surgery, but if they do they need to be ready and sharp until that time comes.

I like to think that things happen with a little luck when opportunity and hard work meet at the right time. It’s a beautiful thing when the universe lines up just right. Sometimes those opportunities are far and few between and when you do get lucky enough to have that knock at the door, you want to be ready. Some people get that chance often and there’s some of us that may only get it a few times in a lifetime. Why not work hard now and always? It may not be in plain sight, but hard work does pay off. Nobody got to the top overnight. Some just got there a little easier.


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  1. I agree with you. Nobody gets to the top overnight. Its important to always be ready because as you rightly say, you never can know when you will be called up.

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