Words of Habit


A picture I took in the Japanese Gardens at Descanso.

Since I’m not writing a personal post today, this post sat well with me and reminded me how easy it is to fall into a pattern when we write. Using our go-to words and not reaching outside the realm of everyday words. I think this helps writers to “show” whether than “tell” when they describe things. Be inspired and write on!

The Daily Post

I’ve thought about that often since. I mean, about the word nice. Perhaps I mean good. Of course, they mean nothing, when you start to think about them. A good man, one says; a good woman; a nice man, a nice woman. Only in talk, of course, these are not words to use in a novel. I’d be careful not to use them.

The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

A teacher recommended The Golden Notebook to me more than a decade ago. Written by Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook centers around the life of a writer, Anna Wulf, who tries to make sense of the chaos of life by separating out her experiences into four distinct notebooks. It’s a book I’ve started more than once and despite not having finished it, this one quote has always stuck with me.

After reading Anna’s frustration with the words “good” and…

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